Black seed oil for herpes – now you can cure herpes with black seed oil

Black Seed Oil for Herpes – Can Black Seed Oil Cure Herpes ?

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Many herpes patients ask if black seed oil can cure herpes. When it comes to home remedies, a lot of people are skeptical about them. Can home remedies really cure herpes? Are they effective in curing the nasty symptoms of herpes? There are many questions that can bother your mind. Well, today we are going to solve your confusion regarding black seed oil and herpes.

Herpes is a virus that spreads through the sexual, direct and even indirect contacts with an infected person. Any sexually active person can easily get this virus as it is highly contagious. Cold sores, fluid –filled blisters on the mouth, lips and in genital parts of the body are some of the common symptoms of herpes. Herpes is affecting millions of lives around the globe.

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Herpes is spreading at an exponential rate and the reasons behind this are the lack of knowledge, the mentality of people towards a sexually transmitted disease and lack of awareness. This is true that herpes has no cure but there are lots of ways that can control the virus and its growth. Some treatment options can even kill the virus if you start them at the first sign of herpes outbreak. One of the effective treatment options is black seeds.

Black seeds are one of the effective cure for herpes virus. Panacea, black caraway and black cumin all are the different names of black seeds. These small seeds are really powerful in curing a number of health ailments. This is actually one of the most powerful herbs on the planet which have a number of health benefits. Black seeds oil is an extracted substance that is prepared through squeezing and compression of black seeds. There are countless uses of black seeds oils in curing a number of health benefits and one of them is herpes cure. If you are still thinking, “can black seeds oil cure herpes?”, read the next lines.

black seed oil for herpes cure

Black seeds oil is really effective in reducing the inflammation, pain, itching and redness of the skin associated with the herpes virus. This oil has contained powerful antioxidants that such as valine, arginine, serine, vitamins and minerals which help in increasing the healing effect of the cold sores and blisters. Regular use of the black seeds oil can help you to get rid of herpes symptoms fast. How? Let’s discuss.

Properties of Black Seed Oil

Antimicrobial properties -: Do you know that black seeds oil is antimicrobial in nature? This antimicrobial property of black seeds oil help to suffocate the bacteria and viruses to death. This amazing property of black seeds oil makes it a perfect remedy for herpes virus and also make it impossible for the virus to grow. It has also anti-fungal properties that do not allow to virus or bacteria to spread inside your body. Antibacterial properties of black seeds oil help to inhibit the growth of the virus and also make it hard for the virus to survive for a long time.

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Anti-inflammatory properties -: Herpes generally affect your skin and immune system. It causes painful cold sores and blisters on the mouth, lips and in genital parts of the body that affect your skin by creating the feeling of itching, pain and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of black seeds oil help to reduce the inflammation, pain and itching of the skin. Despite choosing ointments to get relief from the pain and itching, you should try black seed oil for herpes symptoms.

Nigella sativa in black seeds oil -: Black seeds oil contains a powerful component known as nigella sativa. Nigella sativa is used for many health ailments including herpes. Nigella sativa is actually another name of black seeds oil. This is really effective in curing the cold sores and blisters on face and in genital parts of the body. Black seeds contain actually 60-80% of unsaturated fats which is effective in providing relief from the inflammatory actions.

Now, you might have got the answer for –can black seed oil cure herpes? A big yes for this. Black seeds will surely cure the herpes symptoms fast. The good thing is that it will not give you any type of side effects as it is completely natural. It will also boost your immune system that helps you to fight off infections and viruses. You can add black seeds oil in your daily diet or even apply the oil on the affected parts of the body. So, try this home remedy for herpes and get some astonishing effects.

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