Herpes test kit – Now you can test easily whether you are a victim of herpes or not

Do You Know About Herpes?

We are human beings and living on a planet in which millions of people are suffering from different types of health ailments. Herpes virus is one of them and it is affecting thousands of people around the globe. genital herpes 1Several studies found that in USA, about one out of six people have oral or genital herpes.

Herpes is highly contagious; you can easily get this virus from an infected person through direct and indirect contacts. One of the important thing is, in some cases herpes shows mild symptoms and sometimes no sign or symptoms. Herpes has viral latency or ability to lie dormant in your body for years without showing any symptoms or signs. If you have contracted this virus, but not yet experienced a herpes outbreak, truthfully there is no 100% accurate way to determine when one will occur.

Herpes test kit

The question is how to know if you have got herpes virus? Do not worry, because there are different tests available for herpes. These tests can be done to detect the presence of herpes virus. Knowledge is power so if you have a doubt that you have herpes, please get tested. If your result comes positive that means you have herpes and you should start its treatment as soon as possible to prevent the future outbreaks.

There are different types of tests such as viral culture test , DNA, STD test and blood test which can help you to know whether you are a victim of herpes or not.

Viral culture test 

herpes testIf the symptoms of herpes are visible, they can vary from person to person. If person does experience signs and symptoms, we recommend culture test within the first 48 hours after a lesion appears. Results are usually available within a week.  The major advantage of culture test is its accuracy in giving positive results. If you get positive result by culture test, it is sure you have herpes virus. A culture test can also be used to determine whether the infection is caused by HSV1 OR HSV2.

If the lesions are very small or have already begun to heal, there may not be enough viruses present for an accurate culture. Beyond 48 hours of the symptoms appearing, there is a risk of receiving false negative test results.

STD test

std testIf you have certain visible symptoms, you can also try STD test. The best thing is, this STD test is easily available at home. STD test kits are given to both men and women so that they could ascertain their present health status. This kit will help you in understanding symptoms and act accordingly. The kits are affordable and the results can be derived quickly. It is best to detect this virus in early stages so that you can easily cure this virus.

Antibody or Blood test

The blood test for herpes detects the level of antibodies in the blood used to fight the herpes virus. If a person has been recently infected he/she might not get a positive antibody test because the antibodies have not been developed yet. It takes two to three months after exposure for antibodies to appear in the blood. If you have herpes antibodies, this means you have been infected with the virus at some point.

Herpes test is very important to find whether you are infected with this virus or not. IgG herpes test plays a vital role in telling you the most accurate result. Cure or treatment is possible only when you detect the virus at early stages. Sexual diseases are so prevalent nowadays that one day they would be considered in the category of common infections. There are many people who are not aware of their problems till their situation gets worse. So, it’s better to consult your doctor for a herpes test to detect it quickly.