How Holistic Treatment is better than Medicines?

Organic Ways To Deal With Herpes

Here in this article we are going to discuss about how holistic treatment has better influence over the herpes virus than medicines used for herpes. Want to know why we are saying that holistic treatment has better option of treatment than medicines. Well, there is not a single reason behind this but uncountable benefits have been associated with it. Holistic treatment generally refers to the treatment option that is strongly associated with the natural treatment. If we say that natural treatment has the other name holistic treatment then it wouldn’t be wrong. However, most of the patients generally do not go for the mentioned treatment option. They don’t consider this treatment as a relevant option for them but they do need to understand that it is the only treatment option that has the sufficient capabilities to manage the indications of herpes in a better way.

natural ingredients for herpesMost of the doctors don’t recommend holistic treatment but they do recommend medicines that generally have numbers of side effects. Antiviral such as Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famcyclovir, topical ointment, Zovirex and Valtrex have the potential to manage both genital and oral herpes but they generally lead to the evolvement of adverse effects. Sometimes these medicines even worsen the condition of herpes instead of managing it. The worst side effect that you may experience by applying antiviral medicines is a weaken immune system. You might not aware about the fact that a compromised immunity may lead to the frequent outbreaks of herpes infection. When you experience outbreaks of herpes infection then you may get numbers of signs and symptoms. maxresdefaultThese signs and symptoms could be very mild as it don’t get noticed or may be very severe enough to influence your day to day life. For the better management of these signs and symptoms many people do use antivirals for herpes treatment whereas some patients do use home remedies. The patients who do use home remedies for herpes generally do not experience any adverse effects but the patients who do use medicines generally receive numbers of adverse effects. These adverse effects can be serious or it could be mild. So, it is a lot better to use home remedies then going for the medicines.

 Effective Remedies For Herpes

Holistic treatment of herpes is the only way to live a herpes free as well as side-effects free life. There are numbers of natural ingredients accessible that can be used as a holistic treatment. Further we are going to show you the list of powerful natural ingredients that has the sufficient influence over the herpes virus. These natural ingredients not only help you to manage the indications caused by the herpes infection but also have the potential to stimulate your immune system. A strong immune system can enormously assist you to manage the indications of herpes in very effective manner.
In order to stimulate your immune system the patient of herpes need to consume honey or constant basis. honeyIt has great amount of antioxidants that stimulates the blood circulation as well as protects our cells from free radicals. A better blood circulation means your blood can efficiently provide a better amount of oxygen to every parts of your body. This will simply help you to strengthen your immune system. For better improvement of your immunity you should go for the herb named elderberry because it also has great amount of antioxidants and numerous essential immune boosting nutrients. Those nutrients are highly used to manage or speed up the immunity. It also contains vitamin C, carotene, flavonoids and fruit acids which are highly recommended to speed up the healing process of herpes infection and strengthen the immunity. It also has the capabilities to disable the virus especially if it comes to the herpes virus. Many researchers have found that using lysine on constant basis can help you to manage the signs and symptoms of herpes virus. Lysine is an essential amino acids that enormously important for humans. Lysine is a substance that cannot be produced by our body so it can be received by external source. This lysine immensely and positively helps you to manage the herpes virus and its outbreaks.

lemonHave you ever wondered about the potentiality of lemon balm for the treatment of herpes infection? Well, you might have the information about it but if you want to better manage the traits caused by the herpes virus then you will have to use lemon balm. Lemon balm has numerous essential ingredients such as flavonoids, phenolic acids and rosmarinic acids that have better effects on the herpes infection.
mixYou can use baking soda and cornstarch for soaking the fluids caused by the herpes blisters and cold sore. Direct application of olive oil on the affected area has enormous effects in the treatment of herpes. Not only it can be used to moisturize herpes lesion but it also has the potential to eliminate herpes virus from the lesion. Olive oil contains antiviral properties so the regular usage of this herb’s extract can help you to prevent the multiplications of herpes virus and it will help you to manage your herpes infection in a better way.

Aloe Vera can be considered as one of the best natural herb for any sorts of skin issues and so it can be also use to manage the indication of herpes infection. It has great amount of antioxidants and antiviral properties that has the very effective influence over the herpes virus.aloe-juice Aloe Vera improves the blood circulation of the body that helps you to improve your immunity. Echinacea is a great herb that contains antiviral properties and also has immune boosting properties which is highly recommended to manage the indications of herpes infection. When it comes to the treatment of herpes infection never forget to apply ice packs on the affected area. Ice packs not only help you to diminish the pain of herpes infection but it also helps to reduce inflammation caused by this infection. Licorice root can also be used to manage the indications of herpes infection as it contains therapeutic properties.

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