The tasty treatment for cold sores- vanilla extract

How Much Can A Cold Sore Affect You ?

Cold sores are always unwelcome sight as well as they are more than just unattractive. They are not only visually unappealing but are also painful. Unlike other types of sores, cold sores are a bit more complicated to deal with. Cold sores are not just simple lesions or damaged skin, they are actually blisters that form on your skin as a result of herpes simplex virus.

Having cold sores on mouth, lips or in genital parts of the body is an indication that you are suffering from herpes. Cold sores are most likely happen due to herpes simplex virus 1. The bad news is that herpes is incurable. Once you get this virus, it becomes really difficult to get rid of this virus. Do not worry guys, there is a good news also that your body is usually able to suppress the virus and prevent it from causing an outbreak. You can treat these painful cold sores with the help of a tasty natural supplement known as vanilla extract.

Vanilla Extract for Cold Sores

Do you love vanilla ice cream?  Well, I think no one hates vanilla as it smells great and it adds plenty of rich flavor to the foods. Could you imagine vanilla extract for cold sores treatment? Let me tell you friends, that vanilla is a natural treatment option for treating your annoying cold sores. This sweet and delicious extract is actually alcohol based. The alcohol helps to make it difficult for the herpes virus to thrive for a long time. The best thing is that vanilla is easily available in your kitchen.

Vanilla has great anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which aid in healing the viral infection responsible for cold sores. Regular use of vanilla helps in faster healing of the cold sores. Vanilla extract for cold sores is a great natural remedy which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the pain, itching and inflammation of the skin. Make sure you do not use artificial vanilla as it will not work. The best thing about vanilla extract for cold sores is that it either destroys the virus completely or decreases the severity and length of the outbreak.

vanilla extract for cold sores

You simply need to soak a cotton swab in vanilla extract until thoroughly saturated. Apply it directly to the sores or hold it on the affected parts for some time. Do this four times a day for better results. Additionally, as soon as you feel the tingling associated with cold sores, swipe some vanilla extract on the affected parts. Applying some natural supplements are always a great option for treating cold sores. Antivirals never cure the virus because they are not effective for bacterial or viral infection. If you are relying on antivirals for treating your cold sores, you are just wasting your money and valuable time.

Try some effective treatment such as vanilla extract for cold sores. This will not give you any kind of side effects and can easily cure your sores within some days. If you want your beauty back without any sign of cold sores on your face, just try vanilla extract. If you search on the internet, you will find myriad solutions for herpes treatment but friends, vanilla is scientifically proven as an effective home remedy for cold sores. So without any delay start this treatment option fast to get quick results.

 One more remedy, i.e. lavender oil, is claimed to cure the herpes symptoms in a really effective manner. Click here to get more details about lavender oil for herpes.

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